Sunday, November 3, 2013

Custom Order form

Below is the form the form you will need to fill out. Just copy and paste as many people as you like. Please note that if you fill out all four details, its premium but for the regular only fill out two details a person. 

Example of a filled out form is in the custom order process explanation. 

Contact Email address:
Paypal email address (if different from above):
Instagram Name:
Picture Size:
Regular or Premium:
Ink or Watercolor:

Person 1
Detail 1:
Detail 2:
Detail 3:
Detail 4:
Hair Color:

Add ons (this is where you enter any people you would like in the picture (addon people are cheaper but do not receive details except for families of five or more) or any pets):

Banner or Title (please include style if you have a preference i.e bunting):

Background (contact me for a quote on a background, please do write anything here if you haven’t gotten a quote yet. Pricing is based on complexity but very affordable, for example, basic ocean scene with no sky just waves and sand is $5-15 based on paper size)

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