Thursday, November 21, 2013

Photo Challenge that actually challenges!

I don't know about you but I tired of the photo challenges that are just too easy, you don't even want to do them. Here's something different. Whether you take them literally or figuratively the point is to get a good picture everyday and branch out of the norm. Have fun!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

No more orders for before Dec 12th

All the openings for custom orders to be done before December 12th are now filled. I am still taking custom orders but they will not be done before then. 

I do accept rush orders at this time (to be done in 1-3 days) for 45% more of the custom order price. 

All orders that come in now will be saved in the order the form is received in, for the next batch of custom orders. 

Thank you so much everyone for their interest and support of my work!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Custom Order form

Below is the form the form you will need to fill out. Just copy and paste as many people as you like. Please note that if you fill out all four details, its premium but for the regular only fill out two details a person. 

Example of a filled out form is in the custom order process explanation. 

Contact Email address:
Paypal email address (if different from above):
Instagram Name:
Picture Size:
Regular or Premium:
Ink or Watercolor:

Person 1
Detail 1:
Detail 2:
Detail 3:
Detail 4:
Hair Color:

Add ons (this is where you enter any people you would like in the picture (addon people are cheaper but do not receive details except for families of five or more) or any pets):

Banner or Title (please include style if you have a preference i.e bunting):

Background (contact me for a quote on a background, please do write anything here if you haven’t gotten a quote yet. Pricing is based on complexity but very affordable, for example, basic ocean scene with no sky just waves and sand is $5-15 based on paper size)

Friday, November 1, 2013

Information on New process of Custom orders

Thank you for your interest in my work!

Here is the new process for custom orders. This process is to make it time and energy efficient while making it cost effective for you and to get the picture you really want. Also I wanted to make it more affordable for larger families.

I don't paint holiday themes or birthdays. I also do not paint religious symbols, angels or devils, zombies, vampires, or witches. I just do family portraits which CAN have themes like, western, steam-punk, or movie themes, sorry for this inconvenience, I thought it best you know right from the start.

First, look at the pricing chart to see what exactly you would like and roughly what it will cost. You will notice that some things are limited as to how many things can fit on that size, or a size might not even be available for what you would like. Trust me, I know what I can squeeze on sizes and what will just not fit. In the price chart you will see how many figures are included and details for each person. (i.e.; 2 figures 2 details, 4 details total)

Then once you have figured out the package you would like, you can email me at telling me which one you would like with whatever additions you would like. Just copy and paste the form to an email or Word (the form is on this blog) just copy and paste as many people as you would like. The form is set up for premium so if you do NOT want premium just do not fill out details 3 and 4 for each person.

Example of Form:
Figure 1: Bob
Detail 1: repairs old typewriters (photo included)
Detail 2: obsessed with the rangers (photo of his signed puck)
Clothes: green polo, khakis, grey slip-on vans, red baseball cap, glasses
Hair Color:  Strawberry blonde (this is important because sometimes it can come off differently in photos)
Position (optional): thumbs up
 Add on : Black Lab (photo included)

Once you have filled out the form in a separate email attach all the pictures for reference (this can include a picture of bob and his favorite typewriter and ranger’s shirt, clothing etc) if no picture is provided for a product (i.e the typewriter) it is left to my discretion to paint a typewriter that may not be the exact one you have. I would much rather paint exactly what you have for your own benefit (so I don’t paint something you've never had). You can never give me too much information or too many pictures, the more the merrier.

Then I will send you an invoice via PayPal for your picture. If you do not have PayPal, it is very easy and free to sign up and is a safe way to pay for things on the internet, but it you do not want to sign up I will also take a check mailed and once its cleared I will put your picture in line to be produced. I will give you an approximate time to when it will finished (please be patient, you can’t rush art. ;)  )

Once I come up to your picture I will send you a picture of the sketch (pencil) before anything is finalized in case I forgot anything from the form. (i.e. bob has glasses). Then you will receive another picture of the final product before it is shipped out. Ships priority 2-3 days tracking information will be provided.

You are purchasing an artists rendition of pictures you send me, as you can tell I have a certain style if there is anything you do not like about my style and would not like it on your picture please be sure to include it on the form.
I will send you picture of it before sending it out as a courtesy, the artwork that you see then is a finished product, any changes you would like at this point that were not specified before (in the form) may be subject to additional costs.
Please understand that I will do whatever I can to make sure you are satisfied but because I put in time to each picture, there are no refunds. Scary I know but I do try to accommodate you as best as I can.
All the rights to the picture remain with me. So any duplication requires my permission. I scan every custom order picture so if you wish to have copies made or cards made I offer printing and designing them (feel free to ask about pricing). Your custom picture may be used in my portfolio, display, or duplicated and sold. If you are interested in purchasing the rights to the custom order let me know.

Thank you so much! 

New Custom Order Prices

Here are the prices! The details are per a person. Adding an Infant (being held in someone's arms, not a toddler) is $6 for all sizes.
Shipping is not included in these prices, if you would like to know what shipping would be for you feel free to contact me.
Please let me know if you have any questions!

Number of People Includes Size Price add pet# add person*
Single  1 Person, 2 details#, title 5x7 15 8 10
and/or banner 8x10 20 12 15
Single Premium 1 Person, 4 details#
, title and/or
5x7 25 8 10
banner, additional copy (same size) 8x10 30 12 15
Couple  2 People, 2 details#, title and/or 5x7 25 8 10
banner 8x10 50 12 15
9x9 55 14 15
Couple Premium 2 People, 4 details#, title and 5X7 40 8 10
or banner, duplicate copy 8X10 65 12 15
9x9 70    14 15
Family of Three 3 People, 2 details#, title and/or  5x7 40 8 10
banner 8x10 60 12 15
10x10 70 14 15
Family of Three 3 people, 4 details#, title and/or 5x7 55 8 10
Premium  banner, duplicate copy 8x10 75 12 15
10x10 85 14 15
Family of Four 4 people, 2 details#, title and/or  5x7 55 8 10
banner 8x10 75 12 15
11x11 85 14 17
Family of Four 4 People, 4 details#, title and/or 8x10 100 12 15
Premium banner, duplicate copy 11x11 115 14 17
Families of 5 or  5 People, 2 details#, title and/or 5x7 75 8 10
More banner 8x10 95 12 15
additional people 11x11 105 14 15
include 2 details. 11x14 115 16 17
Families of 5 or 5 people, 4 details#, title and/or  8x10 125 12 15
more Premium banner, duplicate copy 11x11 140 14 15
# Pet add ons can  *People add ons are just for the 
be any pet, tho pets person. No details are included with
smaller than a dog them, except for families of 5 or
can be used as  more. This is to keep the cost
one of your details.  reasonable for bigger families.
Pets larger than a                   #per a person 
dog i.e. a horse may
be subject to additional
Backgrounds are extra and price is based on complexity, contact me for a quote.